Two decades in Madrid working to improve
relationships and businesses of persons and
The ability to make things happen

Effective law-abiding solutions in the areas of law
where we practice

The ability to make things happen

We advise in transactions and contracts and defend
your interests and manage risks in all sort of
contencious proceedings
The ability to make things happen
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SCA LEGAL is a Spanish business law firm, focused on the provision of  legal services that are cost effective and tailored to the needs of our clients.

Commercial Law

The area of commercial law, responds to the needs of the business world in regard to the creation of structures adapted to the needs of the business world.See more

Bankruptcy Law

The bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring area has lawyers with solid training and experience in bankruptcy law who are dedicated to advising those who, individuals or companies. See more


Commercial and Company Law

Banking and Financial Law

Competition law

 Litigation and Arbitration

 Economic Analysis of Law

Economic Criminal Law


Tax Law

Real Estate Law

International Trade

Stock Market

Administrative law

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