Property Law

The Property Law department employs lawyers with ample experience in real state operations, having intervened, for more than ten years, in property transactions and negotiations for contracts of all kind inside the real state scope ( building contracts, promoting, renting, leasing, leaseback, transmission of real state society shares, creation and/or modification and/or cancelation of mortgages, etc.) and of other documents destined to constitute and/or modify rights concerning property and/or their content (incorporation of horizontal property, grouping and segregation of state, new works declaration, owners community guidelines, etc.).

SCA LEGAL’s property law consulting services include:

i) Carrying out a Due Diligence before the property acquisition to verify it’s registries and town planning situation.

ii)Liquidation of taxes accrued because of the acquisition

iii)Assistance in fulfilling remaining obligations derived from the acquisition

iv)Processing of requirements by the property registry (correction of defective records, modification of inscriptions, cancelation of charges, embargoes, etc.).

And, with the intervention of our procedural lawyers, SCA LEGAL is prepared to defend its clients in legal procedures concerning breaches of contract(buying, selling, leasing, etc.), defense of the titular before the owner or execution of property rights(mortgage execution).

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