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Human achievements, in one way or another, are always the result of the relationships we establish with others, and their formation, development and extinction take place within the normative framework established by laws and other regulations. Thus, the Law is an unavoidable presence in relational life, and lawyers are called to participate in the modulation and management of human relationships that are governed by Law.

At SCA LEGAL our mission is to contribute, through the work of our partners and other lawyers, to optimizing relationships and people’s businesses.

How do we do it? Developing effective legal solutions for the situations faced by people and entities in the areas of Law to which we are dedicated, and which are essentially the following:

Our solutions are legal and effective because, if, on the one hand, they conform to the applicable legal framework, on the other, they are reflected in formulas that optimize the value obtained by our clients from the relationships and businesses in which they are part and for whose modulation and / or management have our advice and defense.

And what do our lawyers do?

  • They advise on the preparation, negotiation and management of contracts and other bodies of regulation (articles of association, statutes, regulations, codes of conduct, etc.).
  • They advise on the relationship with Public departments and bodies (in competition matters and tax matters).
  • They defend our clients and manage the risk they face in litigation proceedings before courts, arbitration courts and other dispute resolution bodies.
  • They act as arbitrators in arbitration proceedings.

We have a solid base of national and foreign clients, coming from different areas of business, as a result of the reputation that our firm has acquired over the last two decades and the relationships developed by our lawyers in the world of law. and business, through their personal contacts and participation in conferences and events, as well as in professional and commercial associations, among others. In addition, SCA LEGAL is a member of DIRO, one of the leading law firm alliances in Europe focused in the German speaking markets.

With our team, we practice law in common, always keeping an eye on the interest of our clients, without forgetting the commitments assumed by the Firm with other stakeholders (employees, suppliers, legal professionals, Universities, public sector, not for profit sector, etc.), without which SCA LEGAL could not have become what it is nowadays. That is our way of serving the community that has seen us begin our journey, at the beginning of this century, and in which we have grown and want to continue growing.

Thank you very much for visiting our website.

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